Erosion Control

Our erosion control products help you stabilize and protect your soil from erosion. This not only protects your soil but helps improve surface water quality in the Chesepeake Bay and its tributaries in the Susquahanna and Delaware watersheds.


Erosion Control Sock

Erosion Control Sock is a mulch filled, plastic/fabric mesh tube that is staked to the ground to help prevent sediment loss caused by water runoff. This can be used in number of ways throughout your site to prevent sediment loss, such as along the perimeter or in water ways.

Straw Erosion Control Matting

Straw matting improves grass seed germination and reduces erosion in channels or on slopes to rapidly stabilize challenging terrain.

Straw Bales

Loose straw bales can be spread over newly seeded grass to improve germination and prevent sediment and soil from washing away.