Dyed Mulch

Our dyed mulches are made from the same great all natural wood and bark raw materials used in our natural mulches. We go to great efforts to ensure that these mulches don't contain any recycled wood that has been pressure treated or contaminated with additives like glue, paint, or varnish.

Dyed mulches provide added visual contrast to complete your landscape design. The color remains vibrant and bright for a longer period of time than our natural mulches, while also providing many of the same horticultural benefits as our natural mulches, including moisture retention, weed control, and erosion prevention. 

WARNING: Dyed Mulch needs at least 12 hours of drying time after installation. Applying dyed mulch during rainy weather or directly before a rain can cause the dye to wash off.


Dyed Wood Mulch

Our Dyed Wood Mulches are a blend of wood and bark that is dyed black, brown, or red. These mulches hold their color better than natural mulches. From a horticultural perspective, dyed mulch is not quite as good in quality as our Premium Bark because of the hardwood and bark mixture. However, they do tend to be more maintenance free than natural mulches and do not need to be replenished as often.

Dyed Bark Mulch

Our Dyed Bark Mulches (termed Brown Beauty Bark and Black Beauty Bark) are made by adding brown or black dye to our Premium Bark which is a 100% bark mulch and our darkest natural mulch. Like Premium, our Dyed Bark Mulches have a fine, stringy, shredded looking texture. It is important to note that since the Premium we use to make our Dyed Bark Mulches is already resistant to fading, the addition of dye allows these mulches to have unsurpassed color consistency and longevity