Yard Waste Drop-off


Weaver Mulch can incorporate woody yard waste into some of our mulch products. This provides a responsible and ecologically friendly, convenient, and cost-effective disposal option for yard waste.

 Material dropped off should not contain:

·     Primarily leaves

·     Bamboo

·     Black Walnut

·     Painted, pressure treated, laminated, or otherwise treated wood

·     Plastic

·     Aluminum

·     Any other material deemed unwanted by the Weaver Mulch

While weaver mulch employees are very familiar with volume estimation, and every effort is made to be consistent in the evaluation of quantity, some variation will occur across employees and time. Notwithstanding potential variation in the estimation, the determination of the amount will ultimately rest with the Weaver Mulch employee assessing the load. 

We believe that our prices remain the most convenient and cost-effective solution for discarding of yard waste in the area.