Fill dirt is typically unsuited for plant growth and is only suited for making significant changes in grade. Fill dirts are largely subsoil and are quite dense which helps to reduce settling.


Fill Dirt

Fill Dirt is subsoil and rocks from deep excavations. Fill dirt compacts very well and does not settle significantly. The large rocks and clumps that it contains make it unsuitable for smaller areas requiring filling and is therefore only suitable for significant changes in grade such as filling in basements or swimming pools.

Topsoil Screenings

Topsoil screenings are the byproduct of removing rocks and roots from our Topsoil in order to make Screened Topsoil. Most of the rocks are smaller than 8" and fairly uniform in size. While it is very rocky and does not easily settle, the rockyness can lead to filled areas with a lot of void spaces that can entrap water, potentially compromising the structural properties of the filled area.