Aggregate products are a broad range of particulate materials used in construction and landscaping projects. Uses include driveway surfacing, drainage, hardscaping and concrete.


Clean Gravel

Clean Gravel is an angular, grey colored, crushed limestone gravel. Clean gravel is available in both 3/4" (2B) and 3/8" (1B) sizes. Clean gravel is well suited for drainage applications, as a pad for sheds/structures, and under decks.

Modified Gravel

2A Modified Gravel is a mixture of grey, crushed, limestone particles ranging from fines up through roughly 3/4".  The spread of particle sizes in the 2A Modified allows it to be very well compacted but limits its ability to be used for drainage. It is useful for driveways or as a base layer for hardscaping projects.

Quarry Dust

Quarry dust is the grey colored fines from making crushed limestone aggregate. Quarry dust compacts very well and creates a smooth, hard wearing surface. Quarry dust is sometimes used as surfacing for riding arenas.