Mulch is a horticultural material applied on top of the soil to retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, suppress weed growth, and improve the aesthetics of your landscape. Our mulches are made from sustainably sourced bark or wood to meet the unique requirements of your landscape project.  We also supply speciality mulches intended for use in a number of other applications such as walking paths and playgrounds.


Natural Mulch

Natural mulches do not have any additives and are a great fit in applications where frequent contact is anticipated such as playgrounds, walking paths or properties with children or pets.

Natural mulches, while not as consistent and stable in color as dyed mulches, are a natural solution to moisture retention, weed control and erosion prevention.

Dyed Mulches

Our dyed mulches are made from the same great all natural wood and bark raw materials used in our natural mulches. We go to great efforts to ensure that these mulches don't contain any recycled wood that has been pressure treated or contaminated with additives like glue, paint, or varnish.

Dyed mulches provide added visual contrast to complete your landscape design. The color remains vibrant and bright for a longer period of time than our natural mulches, while also providing the same horticultural benefits as our natural mulches, including moisture retention, weed control and erosion prevention.

WARNING: Dyed Mulch needs at least 12 hours of drying time after installation. Applying dyed mulch during rainy weather or directly before a rain can cause the dye to wash off.