Premium Bark


Premium bark is a 100% bark mulch and our darkest natural mulch. Premium has a fine, stringy, shredded looking texture. Premium bark is a long lasting brown color and does not significantly fade due to weathering. Due to the stringy texture of Premium, the individual fibers readily interlock, making for an excellent choice on steeper slopes where erosion is a concern.

Premium is beneficial for the soil as it breaks down because it accumulates organic matter and humus which improves the soil microflora. Bark does not deplete nitrogen to the same extent that a wood based mulch does, which reduces the fertilizer loads required to keep soil healthy. It tends to lead to a somewhat acidic soil over time which is particularly beneficial for trees and woody shrubs.

Premium bark is also noticeably more resistant than wood based mulches to a variety of nuisances such as fungi, molds and termites.

To calculate the quantity you need for your application use our calculator.