Safe Cover


Safe Cover is a certified, double ground, wood playground mulch. Safe cover undergoes additional screening for both fines and metal, as well as rigorous quality controls on raw materials. Safe Cover is certified by TÜV SÜD America through the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) to meet ASTM F1292-13 (Section 4.2) and ASTM F2075-15

In order to meet ASTM F1292-13 (Section 4.2) impact attenuation standards, Safe Cover should be installed and maintained at a depth of at least 1" per 1' of anticipated critical fall height to a maximum of 12'. E.g. if the highest point on your playground is 12' above grade you will need at least 12" of Safe Cover installed and maintained.

Weaver Mulch does not recommend installation of Safe Cover in playgrounds where critical fall height is expected to exceed 12' without engineering consultation and additional testing as per ASTM F1292-13 (Section 4.2) at expected heights to ensure adequate impact attenuation.

To calculate the quantity you need for your application use our calculator.